How to find an Interior Designer Charlotte NC

It is a well know fact that trying to find a good interior designer can be a bigger challenge than tackling a home remodeling yourself. But fear not! We have the tips and tricks that will help you find the designer that will be just right for your job.

What is an Interior Designer

This is a question that many people will find themselves asking and hopefully the following will help to give you some ideas about what an interior designer is and is not. First of all an interior designer is someone who has got relevant qualifications and experience in designing the look and flow a room or entire home/office space. They will most often discuss design ideas with their client (You!) and get a feel for the kind of things you like and what may makes you tick. They will then offer some suggestions as to what they think might work best for the interior design of your home and they will then start to come up with some concepts that you can look over. Once the final designs have been agreed upon, the designer will oversee the project until its completion to make sure you get the room, office or home of your dreams.

What an Interior Designer is not!

This is a lot easier to define because they are not a great many things! Basically they will do very little in terms of the actual makeover work. Any construction and decoration will usually be carried out by contractors of either you choosing or the interior designer may use their own trusted contacts. This is the most common practice for interior designers in Charlotte NC.

Picture of living room

Interior Design Living Room

So what will they actually do

  • Take room measurements
  • Draw up floor plans
  • Provide a design board of ideas that you may enjoy
  • Search out fabrics and paint colors that can be applied to the room
  • Find the best furniture for the room to maximize space
  •  Oversee all aspects of the project to see it meets the original design


How to find a good Interior Designer in Charlotte

This part of the process is unfortunately down to you but we have tried to make it easier for you by writing this article. So first of all you should check with friends and family to see if they have had any experience with interior designers in the local area. The next step is to search out local decorating stores to see who they have previously worked with and ask for recommendations. Finally start looking for a good Interior Designer Charlotte, NC online by checking out relevant websites and blogs.

In Charlotte, North Carolina their are a large number of interior designers so you need to make sure that you are taking all of the above steps and more to ensure you find the best.